The innovative, up and down basket swing system

The innovative, up and down basket swing system, has eliminated the traditional sidebars with rubber shock absorber located at the basket top. The net result is an immediate less stress and resistance of the basket to move at start up, thus more power left to the motor to start the shaking cycle.

Details at Glance
  • Patented mechanical system
  • Auto clamping
  • Clamping belt located at basket top.
  • Variable pre-set shaking time
  • 3 phase motor+ Inverter
  • Settable shaking speed
  • Easy positioning at installation
  • Easy after sales service access
  • Silent working


MODEL Eco Mixer Shutter Mixer Compact Shutter Mixer
Maximum Loading 40kgs 40kgs 40kgs
Maximum Can Size 39cm in Height 39cm in Height 38cm in Height
Minimum Can Size 8cm in Height 8cm in Height 11cm in Height
Round Can 37cm Diameter 37cm Diameter 32cm Diameter
Can Type Round / Square / Oval Round / Square / Oval Round -
Voltage 110-230 Volts 50/60Hz 110-230 Volts 50/60Hz 110-230 Volts 50/60Hz
MIXER Dimension W76×D95×H105cm W76×D95×H105cm W67×D75×H100cm

Specification subject to changes without notice.

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