FLO2-16R is our first universal machine ever to have a top canister recirculation in the sequential tinting machine segment

Details at Glance
  • Entry level dispenser
  • Sequential dispenser
  • Individual top canister stirring and individual safety fuse
  • Software link with END USER software
  • Mobile device control capable


MODEL FLO2-16R free standing FLO2-16R head
No. of circuits 12/16/24 12/16/24
Min. dispensing 1/384-<5% (0.078ml) 1/384-<5% (0.078ml)
Nozzles opening Pin valves 2.5mm/3.5mm Pin valves 2.5mm/3.5mm
Flow rate single circuit 220ml/minute 220ml/minute
Cleaning system 2xBrushes at front 2xBrushes at front
Colorant recirculation On canister TOP On canister TOP
Canister size 2.2 L/4.4L 2.2 L/4.4L
Safety can sensor Available Available
Flo2 dimensions W78xD95xH113 W84xD101xH134
Software Included Included
Remote Statistical software YES YES
Calibration/Technical/Diagnostic YES YES

Specification subject to changes without notice.

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